Analysis of SAR and thermal satellite data time-series for understanding the long-term impact of land surface temperature changes on forests.

The overarching aim of this project is to research the impact of Land Surface Temperature on Cypriot forests by analysing time-series of SAR and thermal data. Impacts may include forest decline that does not relate to fire events, decreased forest density (e.g. biomass and leaf area index) and alternations to timing of forest blooming initiation, duration and termination. ASTARTE also analyses the understanding of the public sector about climate change and forest threats using questionnaires and relates the statistical results of the questionnaires to the output of the research. 


The ‘ASTARTE’ project is divided into 9 Work Package:

WP1: Project Management

WP2: Dissemination Activities

WP3: Pre-processing of SAR data

WP4: Questionnaires to public sector

WP5: Analysis of time-series thermal data

WP6: Forest blooming timing models

WP7: Time-series phenology and density graphs

WP8: Climate and forest changes over years

WP9: Experiment strengths of Sentinel-5P