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We are glad to announce the start of the “ASTARTE” project, that aims to analyse radar and thermal time-series satellite data, for understanding the long-term impact of land surface temperature changes on Cypriot forests. This project is hosted by the Geodesy lab of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics at Cyprus University of Technology. Friends of the Earth (Cyprus) are partners and aim to record the understanding of local people in respect to climate change and forest changes over the years. Additionally the National Technical University of Athens is a sub-contractor and responsible for analysing time-series of thermal data. The hosting team of Cyprus University of Technology is responsible for the project co-ordination, time-series analysis of radar data and observing all the information acquired for understanding how potential forest changes relate to land surface temperature and if local people are aware of these changes.

The “ASTARTE” (EXCELLENCE/0918/0341) project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Innovation Foundation.

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