Children Workshop at American Academy


American Academy is a private primary school. Alexis Chatzinikolaou, who is teaching there, invited the “ASTARTE” project team for a workshop. Dr Milto Miltiadou and Christos Theocharids from Cyprus University of Technology, as well as Efrosyni Antoniou from Friends of the Earth (Cyprus) visited the school on the 30th of July of 2020.

Dr Milto Miltiadou started the workshop by explaining the concepts of light, wavelength, and image pixels. Then she introduced Remote Sensing and how it can be used for earth monitoring. Christos Theocharidis explained the differences between radar and optical data. This lead to an overview of the ASTARTE project and why we are using radar data, the expected results, and how land surface temperature and climate change may have influenced our forests. Finally, Efrosyni Antoniou expanded the subject of climate change and talked about local issues relating to it.

The workshop was planned to last for an hour but lasted for 75mins due to the discussion and the high participation of the children. Twelve children attended and they raised many questions showing this way their interest.



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